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Esoterico Academy

Creating a more sustainable society through the understanding of the interconnection of all things.


human consciouness.

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Level 1

Becoming Who You Are

This Level is a journey over 9 weekends, covering all you need to know about meditation, the mind and the nature of reality.


This is the fundament to build everything else upon.

Are You ready to expand Your Consciousness?

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Level 2

Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy is level 2 in the esoterico school and consist of 9 weekends.

Here we learn to connect with our energy body and influence the structures that build up your experience of life.

Esoterico - Level 3.jpg

Master Level

This level is for those who have dedicated them self through

level 1 and 2.

Here you will be given higher teachings.

Level 1 and 2 trains you for the practices in this masterclass.


This is the inner circle.

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