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My name is Christian and I am here to serve you.

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My Story

The founder of Esoterico AS and The School of Isness - The pure state of beingness.


- In the nature of reality & meditation.

Creator of:

- Singularity Therapy (Healing Touch)

- Isness Meditation Practice

Therapist for 15 years:

- Auriculotherapy (Ear acupuncture)

- Acupunture

- Frequency and Color therapy

- Flower medicine

- Herbal medicine

- Nutrition Therapy


- NMT (Neurologic Music Therapy)

- Musikkbasert Miljøbehandling

- Healing Touch

Research Projects:

coming soon


Isness (English)

Ord til Ettertanke 1 (Norwegian)

Ord til Ettertanke 2 (Norwegian)

Ord til Ettertanke 3 (Norwegian)

Ord til Ettertanke 4 (Norwegian)

Ord til Ettertanke 5 (Norwegian)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+47 48038206